“Octopus Table” Bronze Sculpture by Isaac Krauss

Bronze Sculpture Octopus Table

“Octopus Table” by Isaac Krauss

As a bronze fine art foundry we see our fair share of bronze sculpture, obviously, and while the vast majority of what we produce is brilliant work, it typically falls into a single category: figurative nudes.  To reiterate, the work is brilliant; often we cast for some of the leading names in contemporary sculpture.

But like a tour guide (or so we imagine) in the Louvre, even the finest work exhibiting flawless composition and patina’d to perfection, can lose its luster.  It’s not that we no longer recognize the artist’s mastery or no longer have an appreciation for the work, it’s just that we see it every day.

So it’s nice, every once in a while, when we happen upon a work of art that’s fresh, original, and exists outside the norm (i.e. not a figurative nude).  Isaac Krauss’ “Octopus Table” perfectly exemplifies that spirit.  Not just an octopus with a colorful patina, the “Octopus Table,” weighing in at a solid 500 lbs, is both masterfully sculpted and creatively composed, serving at once as a work of art and a fully functional table.

It only took a single photo (which, mind you, is a medium that never really fully conveys the gravitas of a three dimensional work of art) to have us saying “wow,” and for people  who see exceptional work on a daily basis, that’s saying something.  So we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight Mr. Krauss’ work, and, if your sensibilities align with our own, maybe send you on over to his site to get a better look at what the table is all about:


Full disclosure: Though the artist does live in LA, we did not consult, collaborate, or otherwise participate in the production of this project in any way.  We’re merely admirers, seeking to share a work of art that drew our eye. Enjoy!

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