Monster Clay for Fine Art Sculptors?

Monster Clay

Joker 1:6 Bust by AntWatkins

From the outset, American Fine Arts Supplies has been committed to providing the absolute best products and services to fine art sculptors around the world. As such, our selection is small, carefully curated, and seldom grows.  We prefer it that way.  No fluff.

But every once in a while we happen upon a product that artists just can’t get enough of, and so in the interest of keeping our inventory relevant, we add it.  Van Aken’s Klean Klay Alternative is a perfect example; within three months of it’s introduction it was just as popular as Chavant.

So it’s with high hopes that we introduce our next vendor partner, The Monster Makers, and their highly sought after Monster Clay.  At first blush it may seem an odd pairing, us catering to fine artists and all.  But when you get down to brass tacks and really study the components of this clay, you’ll see that it is one of the most versatile oil/wax based sulfur free modeling clays on the market.

Here’s a few quick bullet points:

  •  Oil/wax based
  •  Sulfur free
  • Low melt temperature and low tack feel that won’t stick to tools or fingers
  • High plasticity when warm, yet firm enough at room temperature to hold fine detail
  • Easily pourable
  • Composed entirely of food grade components
  • Comes in an oven-safe 5lb tub
  • Lower density than average oil based clays, resulting in approximately 25% more clay per lb

Yes, Monster Clay was designed with monster making and creature design in mind, but it’s properties lend itself so well to fine art that it serves as a suitable substitute for both Chavant and J-Mac.  Some even prefer it.

To give it a whirl, visit the Monster Clay page on our website at

Image Credit: AntWatkins

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