Sculpting Kits. Who Knew?

We’ve been doing some thinking. Deep thinking. Well ok, not that deep. But we have been thinking…about kits. Yes, kits.

Think about it. Kits make life easy. There’s kits for seasoning a Butterball turkey. Kits for making your own chocolate. Heck, there’s even kits for making paper airplanes.

So we thought, why aren’t there kits for sculptors? You find them occasionally, here and there, but when you think about everything a sculptor needs to sculpt (clay, armature, tools, modeling stands…the list goes on) you’d expect to find more kits.

Why search for everything separately? That’s a hassle. So we decided—let’s make some kits. And then we did.

We have everything from basic kits, or what we call Quick Start Clay Sculpting Kits, to more advanced kits that included detailed step by step instructions from industry stalwarts like John Brown.

We like this whole kits idea, and we think you will too. Visit today to see what all the fuss is about.

For serious sculptors looking for the best in clay sculpture tools and modeling clay please visit, or call us at 818-848-7593.

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