Tyrion Lannister Castilene Wax Sculpture

Tyrion Lannister BustTyrion Lannister, the shrewd, calculating antihero of George R.R. Martin’s wildly popular A Song of Ice and Fire series is one of the most endearing, empathetic characters in the ASoIaF universe.  Though he’s bound by blood to House Lannister, the House that brings death and ruin to our protagonists, House Stark, we root for him just the same, because he’s not flat, he’s not one dimensional.  Over the course of five books, and some 5,000 pages, we learn what Tyrion’s loyalty earns him, and we begin to see that he, like the audience following his journey, is a man of complexity and ambiguity. Ultimately, we’re drawn to him because he’s human–a testament to Martin’s deft characterization.

This bust of Tyrion, sculpted by lixiaochenx277, aka Robin, manages in some small way to capture that humanity so eloquently wrought in Martin’s prose–no simple feat, to be sure–and so we’d like to offer him our congratulations.  Excellent work, Robin! Also worthy of note is the scale in which the sculpt was done; look at the size of the X-Acto knife for comparison’s sake.  For more of Robin’s work, visit his portfolio page on Deviantart.

Source: Deviantart

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