Fun Summer Sculpture Project

Steampunk Mr. Potato HeadSummer is a time for pools, BBQs, and cold drinks.  A time for being outside, enjoying the warm summer sun, and reading those books on your nightstand you’ve been meaning to get to.  Summer is also a time, however, for projects–especially the fun ones.  Some build decks, others build custom made furniture, and still others rolls up their sleeves, break out the glue, and get to making arts and crafts.  For those that fall in the latter category, here’s an interesting project to tackle, care of Instructables member, Saritamarianyc.  Her step by step guide shows you how to make your very own Steampunk Mr. Potato Head, complete with wild mustache and monocle.  How fun!

Here’s a list of needed supplies:

a cutting mat
X-Acto knife
hot-glue gun
Dremel Tool Kit
Premo Sculpey – Baking Clay
Thick card stock paper
Discarded materials around the house. Plastics, wire, metal piping, ect.
Black, yellow, silver, and copper acrylic paint
Paint brushes

Credit: Instructables

For serious sculptors looking for the best in clay sculpture tools and modeling clay please visit, or call us at 818-848-7593.

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