AFA Supplies Adds Sculpey Clay to Their Offering

You spoke.  We listened.  A short while ago we sent out an email to some of the most trusted names in sculpting, asking for feedback on our site, AFA Supplies, and how we might expand our inventory to offer more of what you, the artist, use in your work.  Among the many responses we found a common thread–clay.  You wanted more of it. Specifically, you wanted a wider selection.

Over the course of the past few months, we’ve come to discover that sculptors are fiercely loyal to their own brand of clay. And for good reason.  Many of you have grown accustomed to the consistency, the malleability, and even the color of your clay.  You know what strokes produce which results, and how much pressure produces the desired effect.  In short, you know your clay inside and out.

So in the spirit of doing whatever it takes to offer sculptors the products they want and need, all in the same place, and all for a competitive price, we sought out Polyform Products, makers of the popular Sculpey Clay.  A few weeks later, and presto, here we are, a proud reseller of Sculpey Products.  Our first order was placed today, so the product should be up on the site shortly. Keep your eyes peeled, folks!  This is just the beginning.

For serious sculptors looking for the best in clay sculpture tools and modeling clay please visit, or call us at 818-848-7593.

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