Insanely realistic Christopher Reeve sculpture astounds, reminds us that true icons never die

Christopher Reeve SculptureThink the photo to the left is a still from the set of Superman Returns?  Think again.

It’s actually a photorealistic work of art that began its life as a simple clay sculpture. Artist Mike Hill, who no doubt spent countless days, weeks, and even months on the piece, went through the painstaking process of recreating every detail of the late Christopher Reeve’s countenance, from the steely blue eyes (made from a custom acrylic), to the signature curl, and even the perfectly matched skin tone (achieved by deftly painting in layers atop the finished fiberglass).

Also worthy of note: each hair was punched into place a single fiber at a time.  Now that’s dedication.

The finished work, from cape to spandex, appears this Saturday at the Hero Complex Film Festival, in Los Angeles.

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