Eight Ways to Sell More Art

The 8 principles of fishing and marketing, by Art Publisher B. Eric Rhoads:

1. Fish Don’t Bite If Your Line Is Not in the Water
A funny thing happens when you don’t advertise. Nothing. People who believe the world will beat a path to their door if they have great artwork are simply naive. People who believe their customers will remember them because they used to advertise are also naive. If at any time your artwork is not selling, ask yourself if your line is in the water.

2. The More You Cast, the More You Catch
A good fisherman casts the line out and keeps the bait moving at all times, winding the line in, then throwing it back out again. Fishing, like selling, is a numbers game. In marketing, it’s repetition. Repetition builds reputation. Repetition has a cumulative effect. Campaigns with repetition work where single ads or e-mails rarely do. Imagine going fishing, casting one time, and going home if you don’t catch a fish.

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Via: Artist Marketing

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